Wednesday, 28 August 2013

In other news...

katyperry121 has been around a bit recently xD Check out the pics

Saturday, 24 August 2013

A scammer?!

I think this girl tried to scam me =O
Check it out and see what you think?!
(click to enlarge)

I prepared myself for what she might do...

I made a second offer.. still she denied it, this was a knowing sign to look out for

She didn't deny it and stayed calm like she was hiding a secret (Ive been thru all this before so i can tell with the body language)

Gave her my blog adress. (didn't come out right lol)

She said cryptic things I didn't really understand and then our convo sort of just ended xD

Friday, 23 August 2013

Well hello o-o

Wow. I've not posted for ages.
I used to be so weird back then o-o
Forgive me?? xD

Here are some pics I don't remember taking. Enjoy. (Click to enlarge)
Someone with no body o-o

Some guy with no name O_O

Alishak in a chatroom opening her mouth xD

Someone who is trying to fool hollyrene that she is ishacool xDD NOT GONNA WORK!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Today I experienced my first bit of proper Hate. This girl, (name included in pictures) Asked me if i had a gf.
I said yes and asked her what was wrong with this. Then she... Well, click pics to see. Im really upset anyway and can never forgive her for what she said. proof below :(

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Not Again....


Yes, yes, i saw anon. but she probably wasn't a real hacker. she had those feature you just knew were fake. yet, she didn't reply when we messaged her. this may be because she is programmed to go round looking scary. but not very likely. the real ones have distinctive "anon" features, like, a purple rare hat, or something like that. and instead of having an angry face, or using the "punch" animation or "kick" she would just stay there. with a plain face. also, she would not shout or scream "NOBODY'S SAFE!!" or something like that. she would say something grown up and witty. or nothing at all. she would have no movies or artbooks or anything. and would basically be ur average begginer.
Hope this helps!!!!!!!!

I took some pics: 
She had a strange animation and a status of: "LOVE YOU GUYS" which is strange.....

See? Shes just a plain Jane!

In this one i was saying: "are u real?"


These are some conversations i will deffo be saying  "no!" to: